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The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Iranian Mosque Ceilings


Middle Eastern architecture is renowned for its kaleidoscopic beauty. If you haven’t had a chance, yet, to witness it for yourself, Instagram photographer m1rasoulifard can take you on a mesmerizing visual journey. He captures the best of Iran’s architectural details in his hypnotizing photos.
From the Jāmeh Mosque, one of the oldest still standing in Iran, to Chahār Bāgh school, the photographer aims to show the history of Iranian architecture and design.
For more Iranian mosque interiors, you can also have a look at this post. Because they are historic structures, many of these mosques also impose heavy restrictions on photography, so these photos are a real treat!

Hazrate-Masomeh’s mosque in Qom, Iran


Hazrate-Masomeh’s mosque in Qom, Iran


Chahar-Bagh’s school in Esfahan, Iran


Chehel-soton’s palace in Esfahan, Iran



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